Nashville:  They Have Beer!

Nashville: They Have Beer!

So, as I mentioned previously, we went to Nashville last weekend.  The lack of recent posts is directly related to going to Nashville as it basically turned me into a sleepless zombie with mush for brains.  In other words, it was so. incredibly. fun.  Here are some things I learned in Nashville (and en route):(…)

How to Prepare for Your Weekend Getaway–in 25,000 Easy Steps

How to Prepare for Your Weekend Getaway–in 25,000 Easy Steps

Pick a destination for your weekend getaway and determine the length of your stay.  Arrange for childcare for your children. Extend the length of your stay. Determine that the extended stay does not fit into the schedule of your pre-determined childcare.  Arrange for Sitter 1 to watch said children until such time as Sitters 2(…)

10 Reasons I’m So Beyond 21

This past weekend, at the invitation of two of our good friends, Jon and I dragged our over-30 asses out to Lake of the Ozarks (in Missouri, I know) for a bit of Memorial Day fun.  While we were there for less than 24 hours, that was all the time I needed to fully, completely,(…)

Alaskada, Day 7: Victoria, BC

All right, darlings, here we go–final cruise post. So, Day 7 was mostly a day at sea, if we’re being honest.  We didn’t roll into Victoria, which makes up the entirety of the “ada” portion of our trip, until 7 p.m., and since our little travel monster goes to bed at 8, we had a(…)