Mommy Guilt Can Suck It

In eight days, I will be in New Orleans, with one of my best gal pals, and…no one else.  No children, no Jon, no dogs, cats, no pick ups, drop offs, meal prep and planning, laundry, canine exercising, birthday parties, Sunday school, dishes, cleaning, organizing, disciplining, or interrupted sleep.  Aside from going home a few(…)

Canterbury: British Invasion, Day 2

Canterbury: British Invasion, Day 2

Wednesday morning started out at Hej (pronounced Hey) in Bermondsey.  I was, and still am, madly in love with this place.  As in, we went there twice during our stay, and I still wish we’d been able to go there more.  The coffee was good, but the sandwiches…  Dear lord, but those were good.  Plus,(…)

Caribbean Getaway:  Part I

Caribbean Getaway: Part I

So, it’s been awhile, but I was on vacation, and I planned to post while on vacation, and I took my laptop and everything, but when I got down there, I didn’t feel like it, and so I didn’t blog, and I refused to feel guilty about it because I was on vacation, and all(…)

Thanksgiving 2013: Priorities

In case you all missed it, and maybe some of you did (I’m looking at you.  Yeah, you!  With the light-up reindeer in your yard.  That’s right—walk away in shame.), Thanksgiving 2013 is fast approaching.  I’ve always kind of loved Thanksgiving, although I couldn’t really tell you why.  Maybe it’s just the sort of “kick-off”(…)