Updates from 3 a.m.

She had the yogurt dream again. I wake up to “Mommy? Mama?  Mommy?” coming closer and closer down the hallway, and as I try to fully wake up and focus, there is a small, Dory-nightgown clad person standing on my side of the bed. “Gabbie, dude, this is the third time you’ve been up tonight…”(…)

Aaaaand, We’re Back (with a Little Self-Reckoning)

So, yeah, it’s been a bit.  Over a month, actually.  And yes, we’ve been busy, and yes, the girls have been a handful, and yes, all the usual stuff.  Except…not entirely. No, nonono, I’m not pregnant.  I’m not dying.  There’s nothing really, terribly wrong with me.  I’m just in a little bit a funk is all.(…)