Thanksgiving 2013: Priorities

In case you all missed it, and maybe some of you did (I’m looking at you.  Yeah, you!  With the light-up reindeer in your yard.  That’s right—walk away in shame.), Thanksgiving 2013 is fast approaching.  I’ve always kind of loved Thanksgiving, although I couldn’t really tell you why.  Maybe it’s just the sort of “kick-off”(…)

Happy Pukes-giving!

Greetings fellow survivors of the Thanksgiving holiday! What? Wait, what do you mean you don’t consider yourself a survivor of Thanksgiving? I thought everyone came down with the incredibly nasty stomach bug that gripped the entire Webster-Stoppel (and extended Stoppel) family in its vomitous teeth and shook it like a rat terrier shakes a…rat. No,(…)