I Am Pavlov’s Dog

(And my three-year-old is Pavlov.) So, it’s no secret that three-year-olds are a whiny lot.  I would actually argue (based on my vast experience) that the threes are whinier than the twos, and I firmly believe that the fours are whinier than the threes.  I’ve had one other three-year-old before this, so clearly, I am(…)

Hell Hath No Fury

(Picture taken with our new Nikon D3100) Like a toddler transitioned, apparently.  This post might as well be titled “Shoot Me Now” or simply “Ugh.” Okay, so from the beginning.  Maddie started preschool on Monday.  Not just a-few-days-a-week preschool, but all day preschool-style daycare.  It’s always been our plan to move her around the 2.5(…)