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No Rest for the Wicked: The First Family Camping Trip

Sigh…  I’m sorry.  It’s been two weeks.  And I’d been doing so well, you guys!  I fear I am falling back on old, less-wordy habits.  In all fairness, aside from a bit of transition behavior and the somewhat better sleep issues I’ve touched upon before, our house has been drama-free lately, which, I mean, yay(…)

Sorry for the Silence (I’m Really Saving You)

No, really.  I am sorry for the silence.  It’s been, I think, over two weeks since my last post?  I know.  I had been writing at least once a week, if not more, and I was pretty proud of that.  However… Gabbie has decided to start acting like a newborn again, at least when it(…)

Explaining (Again) Why We Don’t Go To Chick-fil-A

Last week Maddie came home with yet another packet for some fundraiser at school.  (Ugh.  I thought when we paid our PTA dues up front this was supposed to save us from fundraisers, but apparently that was just saving us from PTA fundraisers, and all other attempts to make my 5yo shill crap is fair game…)  For(…)

The Awkward Years: A Letter from My Inner Eleven-Year-Old Girl to Her Adult Friends

Dear Friendy-Friends, First of all, I should probably warn you that I, the Queen of Snark, am about to feel some feelings.  They are real feelings, and I am really feeling them, but as you all know (because you know me so well), I am not often inclined to express emotions, and when I do,(…)