Reasons We’re not Having More Kids

It happens sometimes, out of nowhere.  Like the other day, Gabbie’s daycare was closed, so I had her home with me for the day.  We walked Maddie to school, and before she went into the building, Maddie stopped and gave her sister a hug and kiss.  “Bye-bye, Gabbie.  You can’t come in with me, but(…)

Welcome to “The Quiet Zone”

This is going to be quick and dirty because–well, that will be explained forthwith.  I hope… If you’ll recall, when I was ranting about parenting not being life’s most glamorous profession, I mentioned that I sort of felt like crap.  Well, the crap turned into a full-on cold that has now settled into my lungs.(…)

Mom Confessions: Sometimes Parenting Sucks

There’s one of those little motivational posters that I guarantee was hanging in at least one of your classrooms growing up:   “What is easy is not always right.  What is right is not always easy.”  Yeah, you know the one I’m talking about.  (And knowing me, you can probably just imagine how I felt about it–and(…)



Yep, it’s Braindump time again.  I’ve got no real topic and no motivation to find one.  Sorry, dears. Right now, I’m stuck sitting in the living room watching the World Series.  (And yes, stuck.  I’m not that into baseball, and while I’m interested in the outcome, I could care less how they get there.  Watching(…)