Mommy Guilt Can Suck It

In eight days, I will be in New Orleans, with one of my best gal pals, and…no one else.  No children, no Jon, no dogs, cats, no pick ups, drop offs, meal prep and planning, laundry, canine exercising, birthday parties, Sunday school, dishes, cleaning, organizing, disciplining, or interrupted sleep.  Aside from going home a few(…)

A Phone Call Is not Parental Involvement

A Phone Call Is not Parental Involvement

Otherwise titled, “How the hell are we STILL talking about this in 2016?”  Don’t worry–there’s a story.  Let’s just jump right in, shall we? For Gabs’ birthday party this year, we decided to rent time and space in a local gymnastics place, let the small children run free for an hour or so, feed them cake,(…)

Failure as a Woman: How Pinterest and Facebook Are Ruining My Self-Esteem

First, confession time, I’ve had a crap day.  Work…did not go well.  Then Maddie decided to continue her transitional-terrors by being the world’s worst listener this evening (Jon even told her Santa wasn’t coming, which is extreme and not really something I advocate, but you know, may well be true), and now, Gabbie is screaming upstairs(…)

The Ten Commandments of Motherhood

    As handed down in crayon from Mt. Dirty Laundry by Maddie and Gabbie: 1.  I am the offspring of your womb, thou shalt have no other life before me. 2.  Thou shalt not feel about other children as you feel about me.  Thou shalt not hold them nor tickle them in my presence for(…)