The Third Birthday

Dear Maddie, So, it’s 8:25 p.m. on August 19, 2011, and I’m just sitting down to write your annual birthday letter.  I think it’s safe to say you’re making strides in the “maintenance” department… In last year’s letter, I spent a lot of time bemoaning the fact that you were two and disbelieving this fact,(…)

Alaskada, Day 2: At Sea

Quick tea break (or additional hot water break, to be more exact) and I’m back with Day 2. The offspring was up at 6 a.m., so after checking out “The ocean!” from our balcony for a while, we all got cleaned up, and headed upstairs for an early, buffet breakfast, where we found Grandma and Grandpa already eating.(…)

Alaskada, Day 1: Seattle

Well, my little grizzly bears, it’s currently Day 6 of our cruise here on the Sapphire Princess, but I’m just now getting around to typing out Day 1. It’s been a lot of early mornings, requiring early nights, so I just haven’t had the energy to write until now, but Jon has taken Miss Thing off to(…)

Maddie’s concert debut

A few years back my mother bequeathed the piano her mother, my grandmother, bought her to Alaina.  It has been a permanent fixture of the dining room on West 4th Street since I can remember.  Now that Maddie is getting to the point were we can think about piano lessons for her, we decided to make(…)