Fantastic Five:  Happy Birthday, Miss Maddie

Fantastic Five: Happy Birthday, Miss Maddie

To my fantastic five-year-old: Guess what goof-ball?  Today, and every day for the next 365, you get to use all the fingers on one hand to tell people how old you are.  Never again in your life is it going to be that easy to express your age non-verbally.  (I mean, you could just say it,(…)

Starting Kindergarten:  Maddie-Style

Starting Kindergarten: Maddie-Style

Well, it’s all over but the crying, as they say.  She is starting Kindergarten.   Yesterday, at approximately 8:05 a.m., Jon, Maddie, and I walked out the front door, and we walked through our neighborhood to the back door of her grade school, through the door to her Kindergarten classroom, and we left her there, with(…)

The Ten Commandments of Motherhood

    As handed down in crayon from Mt. Dirty Laundry by Maddie and Gabbie: 1.  I am the offspring of your womb, thou shalt have no other life before me. 2.  Thou shalt not feel about other children as you feel about me.  Thou shalt not hold them nor tickle them in my presence for(…)

Mom Confessions: I’m a Food Tyrant

It’s confession time again.  Y’all, I am obsessed with what my kids eat.  I mean obsessed.  Probably to an unhealthy degree.  If it were up to me, if it were at all possible, I would know about every single solitary piece of food that passed through their lips.  Yes, I am a crazy person. Now, to(…)