Sunday Funday: Are You Ready for Some Football?

Sunday Funday: We’re All Gonna Die!

Maddie:  Mommy, I drew a picture of you when you were a little girl, bouncing a ball. Me:  Wow, that’s really great!  I love it. Maddie:  Mommy, when you die, I’ll have this picture to look at and remind me of what you were like when you were a little girl.   I…have no words.(…)

Sunday Funday: So Long Summer

How to Make a Super-hero (or the Profundities of Children)

Last night, as I was putting the finishing touches on dinner, Maddie was examining the first book she’s gotten to check out from her school’s library, Superdog!  She ran in to show me a picture of a little dachshund–a totally ripped little dachshund, as he’d been working out to become a super-hero, see? “Mommy, look at(…)