Photo Call (otherwise known as “I am too tired to write”)

Photo Call (otherwise known as “I am too tired to write”)

I was actually planning to write something tonight, perhaps something about the latest book I read for my 2013 Reading List, but…  You know how sometimes your kids (or in this case one kid in particular) has such an awful night that they sap you of the will to do anything but lie on the couch(…)

“Real” Parenting Moments: Our First Parent-Teacher Conference

Remember my fears about faking parenting?  Well, tonight, it got real.  We had our first honest-to-goodness, state-sponsored parent-teacher conference.  I mean, we’d attended conferences with Maddie’s preschool teachers, but this is elementary school.  We’re talking report cards, metrics, a record that follows you through the system.  Hell, there was even an ad for an ACT prep course(…)

Won’t You Take Me to Grumpy-town?

There’s this phenomenon in our house.  If one person is grumpy, it’s guaranteed that at least one other person will become grumpy as a result.  It’s like the plague–it spreads quietly and insidiously through the household until every, single, solitary, last person in Casa de Stopster is in serious need of some quality “alone-time.”  Today,(…)

Making Transitions: The Kindergarten “Homefront”

It’s been three and a half weeks since Maddie started Kindergarten, and at school things have been going swimmingly.  She’s doing really well in class, she’s comfortable with the drop off and pick up routines, she’s good about remembering her stuff, and she’s made some new friends.  She really likes all of her “specials” classes–art, PE,(…)