Foooooled You! (Or Why We Do not Play April Fools Pranks on Small Children)

For starters, you should just know that I haven’t been sleeping well (again) lately, but last night, I finally took Jon’s advice that between the allergies and the insomnia, I should just take a Benedryl and go to bed, and I slept gloriously.  Unfortunately, I was awakened (permanently*) at about 6:15 by yelling and crying(…)

Mom Confessions: Sometimes “Other” Kids Are the Worst

So, the other day, we’re in a “place”, and there are some other children around and Maddie is talking to two of them, when suddenly, she breaks away from them, runs over to me, wraps herself around my leg, and bursts into tears.  I mean, TEARS.  Huge, gulping sobs.  So, I drop down and say,(…)

Culinary Classes: Cooking with Maddie

You all already know that Maddie likes to eat–always has and, I assume, always will.  Moreover, she’s got a decent palate, for a five-year-old, and she’s pretty good at picking out ingredients by smell.  Being a big Top Chef fan, Jon has already decided that she’s going to be a world-class, celebrity chef.  I’m also(…)

Braindump:  I…Got Nothin’

Braindump: I…Got Nothin’

Yeah, it’s been a week, and although it’s only Wednesday, I am officially brain-dead.  Winter break, snows days, the return to school, and brutal, bitter cold have us all on edge and cranky, and I, for one, am mentally exhausted.  In fact, I’m not entirely sure I’m not asleep right now.  Also, it just took me(…)