Happy Pukes-giving!

Greetings fellow survivors of the Thanksgiving holiday! What? Wait, what do you mean you don’t consider yourself a survivor of Thanksgiving? I thought everyone came down with the incredibly nasty stomach bug that gripped the entire Webster-Stoppel (and extended Stoppel) family in its vomitous teeth and shook it like a rat terrier shakes a…rat. No,(…)

Three Months of Complete Adorability

Today Josh and Jenny Solar came to the house to shoot Maddie’s three-month photo session. She started out pretty well, and they got some really good shots. By the end of the session, I think she was a little stressed out, tired of four adults acting like complete idiots, especially since they were obviously not(…)

Finger Sucking Indecision

Maddie had control of Aunt Christa’s finger this evening and decided to practice her hand to mouth control. She would repetively insert Christa’s finger and then move it out and then back in, it was rather humorous to watch! (Christa is not moving her hand at all)

Maddie’s New Room!

So, after more than two months in our new home, we finally got around to finishing Maddie’s room. While the postponment of this project was mostly due to our infamous ability to procrastinate, there were some other obsticals. For one, the people who previously owned the house really liked wallpaper. Well, at least they did(…)