Que Pasa, Sam Brownback?

Que Pasa, Sam Brownback?

To get a few things out of the way upfront:  You know we’re from Kansas, right?  And that we live in the Olathe area, right?  And that Kansas is going through a “bit of a tough time, financially”, right?  (That last was not a direct quote–I just needed you to know that it drips, nay reeks,(…)

Let It Go:  The Gabbie Remix

Let It Go: The Gabbie Remix

This is a really short one, but every time it happens I keep thinking I need to share, and then I forget: Whenever we hear “Let It Go” (which is A LOT, too much, deargodwillElsapleasegetoveritalready), Gabbie says “Elsa’s gonna sing about my daddy!  My daddy’s name!” Because: Enunciation never bothered her anyway.

Girl Talk: On Mothering Girls and My Own Linguistics

This idea has been kicking around in my head for a while (keeping company with “why must everyone on the internet have an opinion about everything?” and “do we have enough cat food to get through the week?”), and it’s been a while since I clambered atop my soap box, so I thought I’d give(…)