Reasons We’re not Having More Kids

It happens sometimes, out of nowhere.  Like the other day, Gabbie’s daycare was closed, so I had her home with me for the day.  We walked Maddie to school, and before she went into the building, Maddie stopped and gave her sister a hug and kiss.  “Bye-bye, Gabbie.  You can’t come in with me, but(…)

Sunday Funday: The Emmys

Mom Confessions: I Don’t Miss My Kids (Much) When I’m at Work

A couple weeks ago (and yes, I’m a little late to this party, but this is a post that requires some attention), Mr. Paul Tudor Jones, a hedge-fund billionaire, made headlines when, during a panel discussion hosted by the University of Virginia, he was asked why the panel consisted solely of middle-aged white men, and he(…)