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The final update to the television saga is at hand! I received the television after weeks of delay. It is a Panasonic Plasma and is all I could hope for and more from a television 🙂 With the help of my buddy Thad, we picked up the TV Tuesday evening. It works excellent and has(…)

Our House, is a very, very, very fine house

. . . with one cat wrapped in garland We finally got around to posting a picture of the outside of our new home (UPDATE:  Which we later took down because we realized posting a picture of the outside of your house in the internet was really, really dumb). We have some pictures of the(…)

A Crime Against Nature

As you may or may not know, the Webster-Stoppel clan recently bought their first home, and for the most part, we’re still madly in love with it. However, as with most new things, there are certain points you wish you’d noticed before purchasing said item–the bath towels that you swore were blue in the store,(…)

Maddie’s New Room!

So, after more than two months in our new home, we finally got around to finishing Maddie’s room. While the postponment of this project was mostly due to our infamous ability to procrastinate, there were some other obsticals. For one, the people who previously owned the house really liked wallpaper. Well, at least they did(…)