Fiddling While Rome Burns (Or How I Feel About Writing Silly Blog Posts Right Now)

Sigh.  Does anyone else feel like this has just sort of been a shit year?  I mean, not necessarily for you personally (although more on that later from me), but just in general?  Like, so much, SO MUCH, awful crap happened this year, and as a result, I’ve been having trouble finding my usual snarky,(…)

Screw You, Toothfairy

Screw You, Toothfairy

Can I tell you guys a secret?  And you have to promise not to tell my kids.  Cool?  Okay. I hate the toothfairy. Well, maybe “hate” is a strong word, but in the world of make-believe, parent-operated beings, she’s my least favorite.  I mean, she wasn’t when I was losing my teeth.  God, no.  She was AMAZING(…)

Foooooled You! (Or Why We Do not Play April Fools Pranks on Small Children)

For starters, you should just know that I haven’t been sleeping well (again) lately, but last night, I finally took Jon’s advice that between the allergies and the insomnia, I should just take a Benedryl and go to bed, and I slept gloriously.  Unfortunately, I was awakened (permanently*) at about 6:15 by yelling and crying(…)

It’s National Drink Wine Day!

You guys…  It’s National Drink Wine Day!  I KNOW!  It’s practically my own personal holiday.  Personally, I’m surprised I was even working today…  Maybe next year, I will actually take the day off to fully celebrate this significant date.  In fact, that’s a good plan because next year, it will be a Wednesday, and I(…)