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Six Years and Counting

Dear Maddie, Congrats, darling!  It’s your sixth birthday, and while I know your festivities have been a little spread out this year, and your sister being sick has sort of complicated the focus of your day, I do want you to know that we’re really excited to able to celebrate, in however limited a fashion,(…)

The Awkward Years: A Letter from My Inner Eleven-Year-Old Girl to Her Adult Friends

Dear Friendy-Friends, First of all, I should probably warn you that I, the Queen of Snark, am about to feel some feelings.  They are real feelings, and I am really feeling them, but as you all know (because you know me so well), I am not often inclined to express emotions, and when I do,(…)

My Nostalgic Moment:  Saying Good-bye to the “Baby”

My Nostalgic Moment: Saying Good-bye to the “Baby”

It’s strange how the little things about your babies will get you.  Sure the big milestones are exciting–we document the first teeth, the first steps, the first blessed time she sleeps through the night–but in the end, these aren’t the things you’re really going to miss when your little one outgrows the “baby.”  It’s the(…)