Sexual Harassment of the Every Day Variety

No excuses this time, darlings.  Just settle right in and get comfortable.  I’d like to tell you a story: Friday night, I ditched Jon and the girls and joined my sister and two other lovely ladies a night of alti-rock goodness at the Midland.  It was my first Prom, Afentra’s Prom to be exact–a free(…)

“Girl” Is not a Disability

Recently, on more than one occasion, Jon and I have heard other parents tell their boy children to treat Maddie in a certain way, a certain way that seems to be based solely on the fact that she is a “girl.”  As you can imagine, this pissed off both of us.  Jon’s just nicer than(…)

“Princess” Is NOT a Viable Career Option

Le sigh.  Upfront?  I’m about to read way to much into something AGAIN.  It’s just…  Well, here: Gabbie, dragging one of Jon’s OD school text books into the living room: I’m going to weed dis book. Me: Cool, go for it. Gabbie (flips through pages for about thirty seconds): Okay, I’m awl done. Me: Awesome.  So(…)

In Support of Obnoxious Women: Is It Just Me, or Are We Getting Louder?

These thoughts that I’m about to express, perhaps poorly, started to solidify while I was watching the Golden Globes on Sunday.  (Yes, I love awards shows, what of it?  I enjoy seeing all the pretty [and crazy-whackadoo] clothes, and I like movies and television, so it’s fun to see what everyone else thinks of them,(…)