Dead Deer and Nipples: What Makes Appropriate Social Media Content

I feel as if, lately, I have not been bringing it so much with the blogging.  I’ve been a little off my game, and the content on here hasn’t been fantastic (oh yes, I know when I’m just throwing stuff at the wall and hoping something sticks).  But fear not, friends!  I found my high-horse(…)

Failure as a Woman: How Pinterest and Facebook Are Ruining My Self-Esteem

First, confession time, I’ve had a crap day.  Work…did not go well.  Then Maddie decided to continue her transitional-terrors by being the world’s worst listener this evening (Jon even told her Santa wasn’t coming, which is extreme and not really something I advocate, but you know, may well be true), and now, Gabbie is screaming upstairs(…)