Que Pasa, Sam Brownback?

Que Pasa, Sam Brownback?

To get a few things out of the way upfront:  You know we’re from Kansas, right?  And that we live in the Olathe area, right?  And that Kansas is going through a “bit of a tough time, financially”, right?  (That last was not a direct quote–I just needed you to know that it drips, nay reeks,(…)

Go Home, Kansas! You’re Broken

Kansas?  I’ve had it.  We’re through.  Done.  Finished.  Kaput.  Over.  You and I are officially on the outs until you wake up, stop acting like a ignorant playground bully, and start actually acting like you give a crap about the people who live within your borders.  What we need is quality, state-funded education at all(…)

Starting Kindergarten:  Maddie-Style

Starting Kindergarten: Maddie-Style

Well, it’s all over but the crying, as they say.  She is starting Kindergarten.   Yesterday, at approximately 8:05 a.m., Jon, Maddie, and I walked out the front door, and we walked through our neighborhood to the back door of her grade school, through the door to her Kindergarten classroom, and we left her there, with(…)