Parenting: That Moment When It All Pays Off

So, Tuesday evening, Jon had some “continuing education” that involved him hanging out at Boulevard Brewing, drinking beer, and watching the Royals game.  Yes, he really will be getting credit toward his license for doing this.  No, I do not understand why he’s a credentialed professional either…  Anyway, the unfairness and disparity that runs rampant(…)

Mom Confessions: Sometimes “Other” Kids Are the Worst

So, the other day, we’re in a “place”, and there are some other children around and Maddie is talking to two of them, when suddenly, she breaks away from them, runs over to me, wraps herself around my leg, and bursts into tears.  I mean, TEARS.  Huge, gulping sobs.  So, I drop down and say,(…)