I Am Pavlov’s Dog

(And my three-year-old is Pavlov.) So, it’s no secret that three-year-olds are a whiny lot.  I would actually argue (based on my vast experience) that the threes are whinier than the twos, and I firmly believe that the fours are whinier than the threes.  I’ve had one other three-year-old before this, so clearly, I am(…)

Sorry for the Silence (I’m Really Saving You)

No, really.  I am sorry for the silence.  It’s been, I think, over two weeks since my last post?  I know.  I had been writing at least once a week, if not more, and I was pretty proud of that.  However… Gabbie has decided to start acting like a newborn again, at least when it(…)

Momentous Moment (or Looking a Gift Horse in the Mouth)

Part of me (a really, really large part of me) can’t even believe that I’m about to write this post.  But… Normally, I hate “Spring Forward!”  I mean, Spring Forward?  Barf.  Even the name is awful.  The actual day itself wasn’t that bad until we had kids.  Pre-kids, I could basically live in denial of(…)