This Mother/Daughter Thing

Oof.  This one is going to be hard to write.  Please, come sit in my confessional. So, it’s been a hard week between me and the Madster.  I don’t know if she’d tell you that–she’s still fairly blissfully unaware of things that don’t immediately concern her–but I’m feeling it.  She’s been annoying the crap out of me,(…)

The Awkward Years: A Letter from My Inner Eleven-Year-Old Girl to Her Adult Friends

Dear Friendy-Friends, First of all, I should probably warn you that I, the Queen of Snark, am about to feel some feelings.  They are real feelings, and I am really feeling them, but as you all know (because you know me so well), I am not often inclined to express emotions, and when I do,(…)

Welcome to “The Quiet Zone”

This is going to be quick and dirty because–well, that will be explained forthwith.  I hope… If you’ll recall, when I was ranting about parenting not being life’s most glamorous profession, I mentioned that I sort of felt like crap.  Well, the crap turned into a full-on cold that has now settled into my lungs.(…)