Happy Six-Months!

We celebrated the hemiversary of Maddie’s birth today! We partied in style with the skinniest candle we could find, symbolizing 1/2 a candle, and pureed sweet potatoes.

Parenting–Complete with a Free Helping of Guilt

First of all, I know I already broke my little promise to myself. It’s been well over a week since my last post. (Yeah, I knew there were some of you who were thinking, “No way is that going to happen. We know what a slacker Alaina is.”) Secondly, I said this was going to(…)

But This One Goes up to 11…

In an effort to keep plaid pants from being too “preppy”, we salute early punk fashion and Spinal Tap. And yes, her dad does rock, so much so that if we could afford a miniture Stone Henge and little people to dance around it, he’d totally deserve it.

I’m Still Here

I’ve been mulling this over for the past few weeks, ever since I tried to, and failed, to write a post about the inauguration: What happened to my sense of self? What happened to my life outside of work and my child? I used to have opinions, and express them pretty freely, as many of(…)