An Ode to Sushi

Oh sushi, how I miss thee!Mine longing knows no bounds.I wish to dip into the soy your ricey, fishey rounds. I long to taste the seaweedAnd the green wasabi hot,But alas, whilst still I breastfeed, the pleasure have I not. Yes, while I nurse and nurtureThe child of mine own womb,With grinders and with goat(…)

Full Six-Month Photo Session

All the proofs from Maddie’s six-month photo session are now available at on the Solar’s website. If you follow the link, it will take you straight to the sign-in page for proofs. The password is “maddie.” Hope you like them!

Ooo eee, ooo ah ah ting tang walla walla bing bang

Maddie’s six-month appointment was last Monday. She is doing very well! We had to get more dreaded vaccinations, 3 total. Maddie took it like a champ and cried for less than 30 seconds, which is better than I would have done. She is 26.50″ long, not much change in that department, and a WHOPPING .(…)

Maddie’s Six-Month Photo Session

Josh and Jenny, of Josh Solar Photography, came to the house again yesterday for Maddie’s six-month photo session. She was in a particularly goofy mood, so they got some really great shots. The entire session will be available on their website within the next week or so, and we’ll post a link at that time,(…)