Sublime Seven: Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Dear Miss Maddie-pants, Well, darling, you did it.  You went and turned seven.  SEVEN.  Now, I think you’re just a “kid”; you’re not even a little kid anymore.  This must be very exciting for you–and it makes me feel old.  Old and somewhat accomplished, as your dad and I have at least helped (I think)(…)

Today, I Was a Bad Parent

Today, I was a bad parent. This morning (or really last night, but I reiterated it this morning, several times), I bribed my children to behave well.  I promised that if they could keep their shit together (except I didn’t say shit because I’m not that terrible of a parent…usually) from 5 p.m. yesterday until 4(…)

The Minnesota Files: Day 2 of Family Vacay 2015

Night two was much smoother, in terms of sleeping and going to sleep, so we all woke Sunday morning feeling more or less refreshed and ready to get going.  Jon, who is always researching other things to see and do (seriously, I feel like I’m lucky he didn’t re-plan the entire trip once we got up there,(…)

The Minnesota Files: Day 1 of Family Vacay 2015

To begin, obviously, we made it home.  We’re back in Kansas, in one piece, and most of the laundry is done.  How did it go?  Hmmm… Okay, here’s the thing I realized about day three of our 5.5 day venture, my vacation epiphany, if you will:  You cannot view and experience traveling with small children the(…)