Fiddling While Rome Burns (Or How I Feel About Writing Silly Blog Posts Right Now)

Sigh.  Does anyone else feel like this has just sort of been a shit year?  I mean, not necessarily for you personally (although more on that later from me), but just in general?  Like, so much, SO MUCH, awful crap happened this year, and as a result, I’ve been having trouble finding my usual snarky,(…)

It’s BOOK TIME!!!! My 2016 Reading List

Huzzah!  NPR has finally released their 2015 Book Concierge, a categorized and curated list of (in their opinion, which I usually share) the most notable, entertaining, relevant, important, well-written, etc. books of 2015, and for the fourth year in a row I’ve used it to create a reading list for myself for the coming year.(…)

Parenting in the Time of World Series

Parenting in the Time of World Series

(With all apologies to Gabriel García Márquez, whose book I have not read and whose title I have bastardized.  Probably I should read the book, if only to atone.) So, your baseball team is going to the World Series, you say?  Possibly for the first time in 30 years?  And you’re a sports fan?  Awesome!  That(…)

Accio, Puppy! In Love with Luna

If you follow either Jon or I on Facebook (or Instagram or Twitter, but not Snapchat as that would be a bridge too far and also I am old and can barely figure out how to work Snapchat on the best of days), you probably already know that we recently adopted a puppy.  You already(…)