Cleaning with My Sister at the End of a Life

Last Monday my grandfather passed away, and I’ve been struggling with writing about it ever since.  In some way, a lot of ways, I’d prefer not to write about it–not because I want to pretend it didn’t happen or because the experience would be too emotional but because I’m not sure what to say.  Everything(…)

But Where Was I? The Existential Three-Year-Old

So, the other day, we’re in the car, and Gabbie (who is prone to say quite bizarre things anyway, given that she is three-ish) starts in on me with “I wish you an’ Daddy hadn’t a-gotten married.” Me: Um, okay…  Why do you wish we weren’t married?  Do you wish Daddy and I didn’t live(…)

Enough with “Making Memories”, Most of Us Are Just Trying to Get Through the Week

I ran across the following little illustration on, I think, Facebook while firmly in the eye of the holiday storm, and I downloaded it and saved it, for later blogging purposes: Not because I thought it was cute or because it filled me with all the “awww”es.  No, because it prompted, verbatim (sorry, Mom), the(…)

A Better Version of Myself: 2016 New Year’s Resolutions

Remember when I asked if you all felt like 2015 has been a shit year and then vaguely referenced I might have felt so on a personal level as well?  This is that post.  I do sort of feel that I was not…my “best self” in 2015.  Not in a terrible way–no major catastrophes–but I(…)