Four Is…

Four Is…

FOUR is Fiesty Fantastic Fearless Fearful Fanatic Fabulous Forceful Fierce Friendly Frightening Fancy Fashion-forward Free-thinking Free-wheeling Fascinating Frustrating Finicky Ferocious Fragile Festive Fiery Flamboyant Feminine Formidable Frank Fortunate Funny Frenzied Frabjous GABBIE.   Happy Fourth birthday to our Favorite Four year old!  You give us all the Feels–Former, present, and Future. Love always and Forever, Mommy(…)

When Your Spring Break Isn’t

This week, in our corner of Kansas, is Spring Break, that hallowed oasis in the middle of the Spring semester.  For a lot of families, it means vacations or trips to see family or just extra time at home together…but not for ours.  See, I married, and my children are fathered by, an optometrist, and(…)

This Mother/Daughter Thing

Oof.  This one is going to be hard to write.  Please, come sit in my confessional. So, it’s been a hard week between me and the Madster.  I don’t know if she’d tell you that–she’s still fairly blissfully unaware of things that don’t immediately concern her–but I’m feeling it.  She’s been annoying the crap out of me,(…)

An Open Letter to the Teens Driving Too Fast Through My Neighborhood

Dear Teens Driving Too Fast Through My Neighborhood, Hi.  We may not have met.  You may never have noticed me.  But, I’ve seen you.  I’ve heard you.  You are, in fact, often my worst* fear.  I fear you when my kids play outside, or when I’m walking the dog, or when I’m running at night.(…)