That’s How We Roll

So, Maddie rolled over for the first time yesterday. She’s rolling back to front, which is actually harder than front to back. (She hasn’t even attempted front to back yet, but we’re sure she’ll get there eventually.) Now that she’s attained this new skill, she wants to do it all the time. If you lay(…)

Ridiculous with a Capital “R”

So, you know when you’re out in public, and you see people who’ve dressed their children in strange/ridiculous/incredibly unnecessary items of clothing, and you think to yourself, “Wow, those people have absolutely abysmal taste,” or “Perhaps they secretly hate their child,” or “Man, I can’t wait to see the therapy bills that result from that!”(…)

Complete Portrait Session

I promised that I would inform you when all of the proofs from Maddie’s photo session were available, so… All the proofs from Maddie’s photo session are now available. If you click on the following link,, it will take you to their webpage. From there, click on Portrait Photography, then click on Proofing. Once(…)

Happy Pukes-giving!

Greetings fellow survivors of the Thanksgiving holiday! What? Wait, what do you mean you don’t consider yourself a survivor of Thanksgiving? I thought everyone came down with the incredibly nasty stomach bug that gripped the entire Webster-Stoppel (and extended Stoppel) family in its vomitous teeth and shook it like a rat terrier shakes a…rat. No,(…)