Fun with Fundus Photography!

Because I am a eye nerd otherwise known as “Great Healer of the Ocular System.” I have decided to share with you a fantastic montage of photos my staff took of my right eye this morning. At work, we purchased a new fundus (retinal) camera and I was training the staff on creating a montage(…)

3D Gwennie

One last use for the 3D glasses you got for the Super Bowl. We have made Gwennie 3D, in case you can’t remember just how fluffy she is. Here is our furocious feline at rest!


The final update to the television saga is at hand! I received the television after weeks of delay. It is a Panasonic Plasma and is all I could hope for and more from a television 🙂 With the help of my buddy Thad, we picked up the TV Tuesday evening. It works excellent and has(…)


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