Probably I’m Just Paranoid, and My Children Won’t Drown

Probably I’m Just Paranoid, and My Children Won’t Drown

Being unbelievably lucky, and having generous in-laws (or…laws, if you’re Jon or the girls?), we’re going to Hawaii this summer. (I know!) Although, everyone else is being much, MUCH slower about planning this trip than I would like (we need to book some stuff, people, we’re going during peak-tourist season and dammit, if I don’t get(…)

An Open Letter to the Teens Driving Too Fast Through My Neighborhood

Dear Teens Driving Too Fast Through My Neighborhood, Hi.  We may not have met.  You may never have noticed me.  But, I’ve seen you.  I’ve heard you.  You are, in fact, often my worst* fear.  I fear you when my kids play outside, or when I’m walking the dog, or when I’m running at night.(…)

Cleaning with My Sister at the End of a Life

Last Monday my grandfather passed away, and I’ve been struggling with writing about it ever since.  In some way, a lot of ways, I’d prefer not to write about it–not because I want to pretend it didn’t happen or because the experience would be too emotional but because I’m not sure what to say.  Everything(…)

But Where Was I? The Existential Three-Year-Old

So, the other day, we’re in the car, and Gabbie (who is prone to say quite bizarre things anyway, given that she is three-ish) starts in on me with “I wish you an’ Daddy hadn’t a-gotten married.” Me: Um, okay…  Why do you wish we weren’t married?  Do you wish Daddy and I didn’t live(…)