Yes, We Let Our Kid Quit Soccer

Because I was not  blogging all up in your faces for a large part of last year (and this year, but who’s counting?) you may or may not know that Maddie tried out for competitive soccer last summer.  Okay, so she did, she was selected to play for their “academy” team, which is the top(…)

Parenting in the Time of World Series

Parenting in the Time of World Series

(With all apologies to Gabriel García Márquez, whose book I have not read and whose title I have bastardized.  Probably I should read the book, if only to atone.) So, your baseball team is going to the World Series, you say?  Possibly for the first time in 30 years?  And you’re a sports fan?  Awesome!  That(…)

No. 1 Crush: An Update

I’m happy to announce that it’s finally been accomplished. This weekend, one of my in-laws managed to capture the illusive TR smile on camera: Todd, our sincerest apologies. I’m sure you’re not half the cheese-ball she thinks you are…