random rant

An Open Letter to the Teens Driving Too Fast Through My Neighborhood

Dear Teens Driving Too Fast Through My Neighborhood, Hi.  We may not have met.  You may never have noticed me.  But, I’ve seen you.  I’ve heard you.  You are, in fact, often my worst* fear.  I fear you when my kids play outside, or when I’m walking the dog, or when I’m running at night.(…)

Sexual Harassment of the Every Day Variety

No excuses this time, darlings.  Just settle right in and get comfortable.  I’d like to tell you a story: Friday night, I ditched Jon and the girls and joined my sister and two other lovely ladies a night of alti-rock goodness at the Midland.  It was my first Prom, Afentra’s Prom to be exact–a free(…)

“Girl” Is not a Disability

Recently, on more than one occasion, Jon and I have heard other parents tell their boy children to treat Maddie in a certain way, a certain way that seems to be based solely on the fact that she is a “girl.”  As you can imagine, this pissed off both of us.  Jon’s just nicer than(…)

In Which I Will NOT be Depressed by the Internet

So, I’ve been flarging about for a post topic for a few days, and I contemplated and then discarded several other options (stories about my kids, a book I read, more complaining about politics and/or gender–you know, the usual), but none of it really stuck.  I usually start with one good line or one good(…)