Mom Confessions: Sometimes “Other” Kids Are the Worst

So, the other day, we’re in a “place”, and there are some other children around and Maddie is talking to two of them, when suddenly, she breaks away from them, runs over to me, wraps herself around my leg, and bursts into tears.  I mean, TEARS.  Huge, gulping sobs.  So, I drop down and say,(…)

My Nostalgic Moment:  Saying Good-bye to the “Baby”

My Nostalgic Moment: Saying Good-bye to the “Baby”

It’s strange how the little things about your babies will get you.  Sure the big milestones are exciting–we document the first teeth, the first steps, the first blessed time she sleeps through the night–but in the end, these aren’t the things you’re really going to miss when your little one outgrows the “baby.”  It’s the(…)

Fantasy vs. Reality:  The Saturday Morning

Fantasy vs. Reality: The Saturday Morning

You know those lovely photos you see of families enjoying down-time together where everyone looks beautiful and relaxed?  The ones where the father is artfully scruffy, the mother has sexily tousled bedhead, and the children are all scrubbed and happy and well-behaved?  Well, I just want you to know that our Saturday mornings are just(…)

Reasons We’re not Having More Kids

It happens sometimes, out of nowhere.  Like the other day, Gabbie’s daycare was closed, so I had her home with me for the day.  We walked Maddie to school, and before she went into the building, Maddie stopped and gave her sister a hug and kiss.  “Bye-bye, Gabbie.  You can’t come in with me, but(…)