Enough with “Making Memories”, Most of Us Are Just Trying to Get Through the Week

I ran across the following little illustration on, I think, Facebook while firmly in the eye of the holiday storm, and I downloaded it and saved it, for later blogging purposes: Not because I thought it was cute or because it filled me with all the “awww”es.  No, because it prompted, verbatim (sorry, Mom), the(…)

I Am Pavlov’s Dog

(And my three-year-old is Pavlov.) So, it’s no secret that three-year-olds are a whiny lot.  I would actually argue (based on my vast experience) that the threes are whinier than the twos, and I firmly believe that the fours are whinier than the threes.  I’ve had one other three-year-old before this, so clearly, I am(…)

Screw You, Toothfairy

Screw You, Toothfairy

Can I tell you guys a secret?  And you have to promise not to tell my kids.  Cool?  Okay. I hate the toothfairy. Well, maybe “hate” is a strong word, but in the world of make-believe, parent-operated beings, she’s my least favorite.  I mean, she wasn’t when I was losing my teeth.  God, no.  She was AMAZING(…)

Today, I Was a Bad Parent

Today, I was a bad parent. This morning (or really last night, but I reiterated it this morning, several times), I bribed my children to behave well.  I promised that if they could keep their shit together (except I didn’t say shit because I’m not that terrible of a parent…usually) from 5 p.m. yesterday until 4(…)