Welcome to “The Quiet Zone”

This is going to be quick and dirty because–well, that will be explained forthwith.  I hope… If you’ll recall, when I was ranting about parenting not being life’s most glamorous profession, I mentioned that I sort of felt like crap.  Well, the crap turned into a full-on cold that has now settled into my lungs.(…)

(cough, cough) Rant (cough)

Gentle readers, I present to you my Top 5 least favorite things about spring cold season: 5. The cold will inevitably start with the youngest member of your family. Caring for said youngster will wear you down until you to submit to the fury that is the spring cold. 4. The kid will fare better(…)


First things first: Yes, yes, I know. Two and a half (okay, really almost three) weeks without a new blog post is way too long. I’m sorry, okay? It’s just that there really hasn’t been that much going on, and our camera battery is dead, and we keep forgetting to charge it, so we have(…)

Pneumonia: An Update

As I sit in the house I have not left in 91 hours, 30 minutes, and 12 seconds, I realize that I sort of left you all hanging with the “Maddie Has Pneumonia” poem. (Spend that much time in the house by yourself, and you get a little slap-happy. I’m beginning to see why all(…)