Sublime Seven: Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Dear Miss Maddie-pants, Well, darling, you did it.  You went and turned seven.  SEVEN.  Now, I think you’re just a “kid”; you’re not even a little kid anymore.  This must be very exciting for you–and it makes me feel old.  Old and somewhat accomplished, as your dad and I have at least helped (I think)(…)

8:27 a.m.: A Salute to Our Newest Three-Year-Old

Dear Gabbie, Dude…you’re three!  Go ahead–we’ll give you a minute to figure out how to show people on your fingers.*  You can even start over, as you requested yesterday.  We’ll wait. What will  not, and did not, wait, though, was 8:27 a.m. this morning, at which point you officially turned the three.  In keeping with(…)

Six Years and Counting

Dear Maddie, Congrats, darling!  It’s your sixth birthday, and while I know your festivities have been a little spread out this year, and your sister being sick has sort of complicated the focus of your day, I do want you to know that we’re really excited to able to celebrate, in however limited a fashion,(…)

I, Gabbie–And Other Thoughts from Those Turning Two

To the lovely Miss Gabrielle, Dearest, here is a conversation you and I had two days ago: Me:  Gabbie, how old are you going to be on your birthday? You:  I Gabbie! Me:  Yes, you are, but how old will be you after your party? You:  I have cake! Me:  Um, yes, there will be(…)