Half-Way Grown: Happy Ninth Birthday, Maddie

Dear Miss Maddie, This year’s (quite late, sorry!) birthday letter is going to be a bit more serious than most, but we as a world are finding ourselves in an increasingly serious time.  I hope that when you read this, the divisive instability and disparate visions for a way forward that have marked the last(…)

Gabbie’s 5! (And We’ve All Survived…)

To my dearest, most irrepressible Gabs, Raise one hand high, darling, and spread out all of your fingers.  For the next year, that’s how easy it’s going to be to tell people how old  you are (if,  you know, you don’t want to talk, which you seem more inclined to do than your sister was(…)

Elated Eight:  Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Elated Eight: Happy Birthday, Maddie!

Dear Maddie, First, my apologies if this particular birthday letter is short on the funny, or heartfelt emotions, or you know, sense.  While it may be your birthday, I am not 100%, and it would appear that the common cold, as well as time, waits for no woman.  Sorry, dude.  I’m going to give it what(…)

Four Is…

Four Is…

FOUR is Fiesty Fantastic Fearless Fearful Fanatic Fabulous Forceful Fierce Friendly Frightening Fancy Fashion-forward Free-thinking Free-wheeling Fascinating Frustrating Finicky Ferocious Fragile Festive Fiery Flamboyant Feminine Formidable Frank Fortunate Funny Frenzied Frabjous GABBIE.   Happy Fourth birthday to our Favorite Four year old!  You give us all the Feels–Former, present, and Future. Love always and Forever, Mommy(…)