Absolute Uncertainties

Because we have no idea what’s coming next. Because we are constantly doing the headless chicken, no matter how hard we try to be organized. Because we’re faking our way through parenting and adulthood, one day at a time, and praying that no one notices. Because the uncertainty is the only thing we’re really certain about.


The Editor

She’s a full-time mother, wife, and grammar queen, who enjoys reading, writing, and thinking up projects for Jon. An amateur foodie, wine lover, and full-on beer snob, Alaina relishes Happy Hour, good dinners, and planning a month’s worth of meals at one time, complete with advance-prepped shopping lists. She doesn’t bake much, can’t sew, and is fairly useless in a domestic sense, but then, that’s why she married Jon. Also, she’s not so secretly obsessed with The Vampire Diaries, for which she will not be judged by you!

Alaina can be reached for rhapsodies in praise of her awesomeness at the contact page.


The Optometrist

He’s a full-time father, husband, and eye-healer, who takes time out to remodel bathrooms and battle the lawn. Addicted to KU, Jon obsessively follows The University of Kansas in every conceivable medium. When he’s not creating mind-blowing Halloween costumes, he creates custom, concrete countertops, bakes soufflés, and generally manages to be a true beast in the kitchen. Oh, and he also wants to save the whales. For reals.

Jon can be reached for compliments and nothing else at jonstoppel@gmail.com.


The Offspring

Maddie is a full-time, in-your-face preschooler who is about to take Kindergarten by storm. She is currently obsessed with My Little Pony, sidewalk chalk, and jumping on her trampoline, but pay no attention, as this will all probably change next week. Smart as a whip but too fiesty for her own good, she splits time between a life with privileges and time-out. Left to her own devices, she’d probably abscond to Johnny’s with one of our phones, where she could watch Netflix and feast on hamburgers and applesauce to her heart’s content.

Gabbie is a toddler-force to be reckoned with, determined to tackle life “stairs on” no matter how many times she falls. She’s doesn’t say much (unless you happen to know that “upah, pthbbbt” means “up, please”), but she sings, dances, and drives her Mommy and Daddy crazy. Given enough board books, her stuffed zebra Marty, and an endless supply of grapes (quartered, of course), we think her fully capable of world domination, or at least the rule of a small, island nation.

Neither of them can be reached electronically. Only one of them can read, neither of them can type, and they’re children, so that would be dumb. (Instead you can direct all praise to their parents, who are obviously completely responsible for their fabulousness.)


  1. guardian angel
    May 23, 2013 @ 22:10:27

    Good to see the whole family here. Keep up the great writing. You make life worth living, uncertainties & all!


  2. Melissa Nguyen
    Jun 02, 2013 @ 22:09:23

    Seriously. If I didn’t love you guys before, I do now. Keep up the good work!


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