Magic Giant Is Cool, You Should Check Them Out (I’m So Tired…)

I was going to write about…something else. I’m not even sure what. I’ve been kicking a couple of ideas around. However, Jon and I decided to pretend we were people in our 20s without kids (and apparently whose jobs don’t start as early as ours do?) last night and went to a Magic Giant concert that didn’t even START until 8:30 p.m., so you get to read about that. Basically, I’m exhausted, the fun kind where it was pretty much worth it, but still, so freaking tired. And I still have to work out and do laundry and probably the kids will want me to read to them or some shit before bed, so.

When we were out in Colorado last summer, we went to a little mini-music festival hosted by Denver Beer Co. (I say mini because it was only three bands — it may have been more of just a festival, tbh.) The names of the first and last bands I have since forgotten, if I ever knew them, but the second band, Magic Giant, was awesome. They’re a little altie-folk-rocky, I think? It’s a little harder than, say, the Lumineers, but somewhere along that vein.

Their tunes are catchy, but what really gets you is the energy of their live shows. We listen to their album fairly frequently (the girls love it, too, and for you parents out there, nary a curse word or innuendo to be found), but I never get the same feeling listening to is as I get when I see them perform (and I’ve now seen them three times). Maybe it’s because they’re a fairly young band (not necessarily in terms of the members ages, although I’d put them all late 20s to mid-30s, but they haven’t been together that long), and they’re just starting to get their first taste of recognition, but they seem to genuinely happy to be doing what they’re doing. They have so much fun, and it bleeds over into the audience. They love getting the crowd involved, getting out in the crowd. Last night, there was an audience member who’d done a cover of one of their songs and put it on YouTube, and they brought him up and let him perform his version, which I found to be extremely humble and generous.

So, that’s what we were doing last night. Our friends the Joneseses (which, yes, I must type it that way because I find the plural of Jones hard to say and therefore must be an ass about it) drove in all the way from Colombia, Mo., and we ate tacos and drank margaritas and beer and then went to the show and danced and had a great time. After the band, who remembered us from Colorado (those plural Jones people were there, too) and from the KC show Jon and I attended in June, and they took pics with us after the show and were generally lovely (albeit very sweaty…). We didn’t get home until after midnight, I had to get up at 6:30 (well, it was supposed to be 6:15, but it was 6:30), and I’m tired, my body feels like I ate crappy food and drank too much beer last night, and I haven’t worked out in three days. Today is definitely a recovery day, and this is a recovery blog, but I’ve been trying to focus on posting regularly regardless of whether I have some grand topic or not, so this is what you get.

We tried to be cool, and it was fun, but now I’m tired. I would say I’m going to bed early, but you saw my to-do list, I’m not. So, I’ll be tired again tomorrow, too. This is your mid-30s, where you pay for six hours of fun for approximately three days. Anyway, check them out — I think you’ll dig them. Until next time, loves, when hopefully I have a topic…



Austin, who has his face smashed against the back of my head was all “Everyone hug her!!!” And I was like yes, everyone hug me all the time! Except, don’t usually touch me…unless you’re Magic Giant.