Don’t Call It a Comeback

There are several things that have transpired over the last several months that should have inspired me to dust off my keyboard–Charlottesville, #metoo, Times Up, the travel ban, and all of that is not even mentioning the toddler in the White House who’s being enabled/ignored by the other people who are supposed to be in charge of the country. Obviously, none of those things did inspire me. Nope… Jon threatened to turn my blog into a BEER BLOG*, and so here we are. (I’m a petty-ass bitch, never forget.)

We’ll see how this goes. I miss writing; I want to write, but 2017…  I felt like I didn’t have anything to say, nothing original, nothing inspiring, and as a very liberal-minded person living in “Trump’s America” I began to feel like I was shouting in a void. We are living in a time when people can literally pick and chose their realities. People are manipulating facts, withholding truths, and if that’s not enough, they’ll just flat out lie. Apparently, you can just say something didn’t happen, and then…it didn’t. We have no recourse for being lied to on an appallingly frequent basis. It’s crazy making!

And people are being quite nasty to each other about their disparate opinions, too. Luckily, my blog has always been small enough that I’ve never dealt with “trolls,” but if it were to happen, I didn’t want to deal with it. Last year made me tired. I was tired of feeling sad and angry. I was tired of fighting a losing battle. I was tired of hoping my kids wouldn’t listen to the news or hear about the latest racial abuse our elected officials were slinging or hear the second president they’ve ever known call f’ing Nazis “very good people.” Every time I saw the NPR Breaking News notification on my phone, my stomach would drop, and I would mutter, “Oh god, what now?”

I know this blog has never really been all that political (aside from the fact that I don’t have time for any sexist bullshit), at least I don’t see it as such, but continuing to write about the various nonsense my kids get up to felt sooooo insignificant in light of, well, everything. However…guess how much good me holding my tongue and being quiet and polite (at least online) did? And guess how much better the world was without me flarging on about sports schedules and how much snow days suck and how disgusting my house always is? You might say that either way, I’m not making a difference, but if it’s either way, then why not? Why not bemoan the fact that Maddie is beginning to think I don’t understand anything about her, and why not whinge on about the fact that Gabbie is taking the same approach to reading as she took to potty-training (as in I will when I damn well please, and there’s no point rushing me, I will not be hurried thank you very much please go now I said good day!)? If it hurts no one and gives me an outlet…then why not.

Also, I’ll be damned if this thing is going to turn into Jon writing twice about his home-brewing adventures (and if there were a race between a snail, a sloth and Jon actually producing beer…) and then realizing that he still hates writing and then hanging it up. There are, like, at least five good posts on here.** So, for the probably 14th time, I’m going to give this another shot. Fingers crossed, you guys…***


*Yes, I love beer. I love writing about beer (both other people writing about beer and the act of writing about beer myself). But you can’t just take something that isn’t yours, JON, and turn it into something else. Even if it is about beer.

**This is not one of them. But you already knew that.

***Or not. Probably I need this in my life more than you do.