Updates from 3 a.m.

She had the yogurt dream again.

I wake up to “Mommy? Mama?  Mommy?” coming closer and closer down the hallway, and as I try to fully wake up and focus, there is a small, Dory-nightgown clad person standing on my side of the bed.

“Gabbie, dude, this is the third time you’ve been up tonight…”

“I had da yogurt dream,” she says and stands there, waiting for me to fix it.

Sighing, I lift the covers and move over as far as the 6’4″ man sleeping on the other side of our queen-size mattress will allow.  It is hot, and crowded, and there’s so much of her hair in my mouth that I feel as if I can’t breath.  She wraps her arms around my neck and pushes her face into my shoulder, and I can already feel my right arm starting to go numb.  She’s restless, moving around, her knees and elbows finding ever more uncomfortable places to insert themselves.

no rest for the wicked

Obviously not from the night in question, as this is clearly a Frozen-nightgown, not Dory. This was taken over a year ago. Second verse, same as the first I guess.

Next the cat walks back and forth across us both several times before settling herself along my left arm, her claws digging ever so slightly into my left boob.  She purrs, but stops every time I try to improve my comfort level.

Having been up with her twice already, I know I am not going back to sleep for quite a while.  My brain skips over sleep and launches itself straight into tomorrow, which is now today, and only a few hours away.  I will be tired, I will be unfocused, and if the ache in the shoulder on which she is currently resting is any indication, sore.

But she had the yogurt dream, and so here we are.