Picking Up Where We Left Off

So…  Over two months.  Yep.  Let me just say that there were plenty of times when I thought about writing, and plenty of topics that certainly could have been blog posts (the Kansas budget, the Kansas sales-tax hike, the current terribleness of all things Kansas, Gov. Brownback’s incredible ineptitude, the awesomeness that has recently been SCOTUS, the horribleness that seems to be other people in general of late), but I’ve basically spent the last couple of months trying to decide if I wanted to continue blogging AT ALL.  Or if I should change the focus of the blog.  Or start a new blog.   Or stop blathering on the internet and write a book.  Or take up knitting.  (I’m kidding on that last one–I would be terrible at knitting, and no one I know needs more hats.)

Basically, I’ve been feeling as I have very little to say, or even if I do, that my opinions and my saying of them make little difference to anyone.  No, not you guys.  You guys are the best.  I mean, in general.  I mean, in considering the great vastness that is the world and the internet and and all of the constant “Look at me! Look at ME!  SEEEEEEE MEEEEEE!” was adding one more opinion to that really necessary?  Was I actually doing anything other than wasting my time and stressing out about SEO and titles and photos?  Was I actually saying anything new?  Was it in any way relevant?  Weren’t there people out there more qualified and better equipped (and simply more eloquent) to say what I was trying to say?  I do not feel that I am the best person to discuss the state of race-relations in our nation because, even though I have opinions about it, I’m a privileged white woman who grew up in towns of very little color.  I do not feel like the best person to discuss marriage equality (except to say WOOOOOOOOOO!!!!! and ABOUT DAMN TIME!) because, even though this topic is incredibly important to me for some very personal reasons, these are not my reasons to air openly and I’m a straight woman who’s never faced any challenges when it came to whom I should marry.  I do not feel qualified to discuss the abysmal state of well, everything, in Kansas because, even though I am a regularly-voting, tax payer, the PTB* have made it perfectly clear that they don’t have any sympathy, respect, or use for my opinions (bleeding-heart, liberal FEMALE that I am).

And yet…  Does this blog need to be my platform, or can it simply BE?  It used to be all about the kids, just a way for people who didn’t see us frequently to keep up with their shenanigans.  (Although, the older they get the more I question this, too, as I’ve made them pretty easily identifiable.  I’m not so worried about weird internet people, as I don’t get that much traffic.  I’m more worried about future social implications for them.  Because kids can be little bastards.)  I don’t really want to be finished with writing–a little “brain exercise” is nice, you know?

So, I took a little blog-cation to try and figure it out, and I sort of figured out nothing.  However, I did decide not to hang it up quite yet.  In light of this, I’m recommitting to posting once a week, which could result in some absolute shite** appearing  here.  In a few months, if I continue to produce nothing of consequence, we’ll see.  In the meantime, enjoy this neat-o time lapse photo that Jon took of Maddie and a sparkler on the 4th.  Because it’s pretty and inoffensive and we’ve made it through two years of sparklers and no one has suffered a serious injury.

Do you believe in magic?

Do you believe in magic?

See you in a week!




* PTB: Powers That Be.

** But it’s “shite” not “shit” so you know it’ll at least be a little classier, right?