This Post Is Brought to You by Mother’s Brewing Company *

I’m wearing no make-up.

I haven’t shaved my legs since Saturday.

I’m wearing sweatpants and a t-shirt I’ve owned (and worn) since high school.

I have a cold that would slay a small pony, and I currently sound like a cross between Ron Pearlman and Sam Elliot.


And yet–you know you still wanna get in on this.

Even MILF-y-er

That’s right.  It’s the OG-MILF, bitches.  #BOOM

Either that, or Jon found a new beer and decided it would be fun to play…whatever.


* Mother’s Brewing Company does not sponsor or approve this post and is, in all likelihood, completely unaware of its existence.  In fact, my full apologies for even involving them in this silliness.  Also, their Three Blind Mice and Winter Grind are really yummy, and you should check them out, if you’re able.