Upgrade! (or How to Decrease the Size of Your Room by 45%)

Okay, something’s going on with our hosting site, and nothing seems to be working correctly this evening.  In fact, this is precisely the fourth time I’ve started this post.  So, while I was going to be eloquent and long-winded, as usual, I just don’t have the energy any longer.  Suffice it to say, Maddie is a big girl, and she’s out grown her toddler bed, so this weekend, we bit the bullet and purchased a queen size bed, headboard, and bedding.

Seriously, she has roughly half the floor space she was working with before.

Much to my dismay, Maddie truly does not appreciate a good throw pillow...

As stated in both the title and the picture caption above, much of the usable space that she formerly enjoyed is now taken up by bed, but she doesn’t seem to mind.

And she even went to sleep in it and everything!

Sweet dreams, big girl!