P is for Pneumonia

A is for apple juice, it’s all I want to drink.
B is for breathing, not as easy as you’d think.
C is for coughing, over and over again.
D is for daycare, which I cannot attend.
E is for everything, about which I will whine.
F is for fountain and describes that nose of mine.
G is for gasping: I need some air, air, air!
H is for hopeless, how this makes my parents fare.
I is for irritated, which I am constantly.
J is for jittery, which my daddy now must be. (Because he’s had breathing problems of his own, you see.)
K is for kind, what everyone has been.
L is for lonely because I miss my friends.
M is for Motrin, upon which I depend.
N is for nighttime, when my coughing will not end.
O is for orders: My doctor’s I will follow.
P is for pneumonia, which makes my breathing shallow.
Q is for queen: I’m Queen of Crankypants.
R is for raspy, which I get when I dance.
S is for sleep, we’re all light on that one.
T is for Tylenol that I take between the Motrin.
U is for under, the weather that is.
W is for work: Mommy’s missing this.
X is for Xonpenex, that airway opening elixir.
Z is for zero, the amount of peace we’ll get here.

Now I’ve sung the ABCs of pneumonia for you. Stay far away and wash your hands or you will sing them, too.