Maddie’s New Room!

So, after more than two months in our new home, we finally got around to finishing Maddie’s room.

While the postponment of this project was mostly due to our infamous ability to procrastinate, there were some other obsticals. For one, the people who previously owned the house really liked wallpaper. Well, at least they did like wallpaper, at one time. However, at some point, they changed their minds. They decided that the wallpaper covering a good portion of the walls of their home was no longer to their taste. BUT, did they strip it? Did they replace it with new wallpaper? No, they painted over it… Needless to say, stripping wallpaper through paint is not easy. Luckily, in her room, it was just a border. Imagine how long it will take us to get the rest of the house painted.
In addition to the paint/paper issue, I also complicated things be insisting that we do stripes–in the same color, but in different finishes. It involved a lot of measuring and taping, and until it turned out well, I was not the most popular person in the house.
Jon also got to install his first ceiling fan, which was not quite as simple as he anticipated. It’s remote controlled, which is nice, but there’s not a lot of room for the equipment that “talks” to the remote (I know; my technical knowledge is astounding.), so it took a long time and several rounds of “language” to get it going. (Oh, and since I know he’s going to mention this unless I do, he’s also installed a OTR microwave, dishwasher, and gas-burning fire place since we moved in. He’s very handy.)
Now that it’s all behind us, we think you’ll agree that the overall result is nothing less than fantastic! Feel free to marvel in our decorating skills and express your amazement/jealousy freely.